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Sean Hannity and Anthony Weiner Throw Down in Explosive Debate: 'What the Hell Were You Thinking?


"You want Chris Matthews’ job, I can tell!… You never shut up like Chris Matthews either!"

(Fox News)

Former Congressman and failed New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner joined Sean Hannity on Wednesday night to discuss important issues like the government shutdown, the debt ceiling and, of course, Weiner's past mistakes.

However, the debate quickly devolved into a heated back-and-forth as things got tense -- and a little awkward -- almost immediately.

First addressing the elephant in the room, Hannity asked Weiner "what the hell" was he was thinking regarding his past sexting scandals that continued even after he left Congress. Weiner said he is completely done talking about that. As Hannity continued to pry, the former congressman said he is currently focused on the important issues that matter to people in the "middle class."

(Fox News)

The two went on to debate the debt ceiling and whether or not Republicans are "playing a game of stand-off with the economy." Weiner admitted that Democrats have used the debt ceiling as political leverage in the past, but that Republicans are now threatening the economy.

Weiner relentlessly pressed Hannity to say whether the debt limit should be raised, and he eventually said "we have to in the end" -- but argued policy changes to reduce the deficit should be included with it.

"The president doesn't dispute that,' Weiner replied.

But as he repeatedly interrupted Hannity, things got a little personal.

“You’re auditioning for MSNBC! You’re auditioning," Hannity said. "You want Chris Matthews’ job, I can tell!… You never shut up like Chris Matthews either!”

"Why do you always have patsies on?" Weiner replied, adding that "Fox apparently has much loaded standards."

That set up Hannity for this zinger: “You want to talk about low standards? You really want to go there?”

Watch the entire segment via Fox News:

(H/T: Mediaite)


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