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Video of Famed Rapper and a Woman in the Street Goes Viral...for a Very Good Reason


"God is really helping him get rid of all the hard stuff..."

Rap artist DMX (a.k.a. Earl Simmons) recently delivered a performance of a very different kind. Footage of the artist spitting Bible verses and preaching to a female fan outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles, Ca., has gone viral.

The short, 12-second video clip shows DMX, 42, holding an open Bible and speaking directly to the woman. While it's unclear which verses he shared, as the audio is muffled, the rap artist appears to be talking about God's "will." The fan simply nods and watches intently.

This interaction apparently took place last month outside Wi Jammin', a Jamaican restaurant, although the clip was not released until this week.

TMZ reported that the woman in the video is "a fan who told [DMX] she was going through hard times." But TheBlaze spoke with the rapper's publicist, Domenick Nati, who recorded the Bible-reading on his cell phone, and he told us a slightly different story.

Rapper DMX recently read Bible verses to a fan outside of a restaurant in California (Photo Credit: AP)

"We had just come from LAX and we stopped there for him to get dinner -- that's always where he goes," Nati explained. "There was a crowd and he even rapped for some of the people and gave an impromptu concert."

The rapper also apparently held two or three prayer circles on the same street.

After the crowd dissipated, Nati said that the woman, who to his knowledge never indicated she was having a difficult time, stuck around and told DMX that she is a fan and an "aspiring rap artist."

What followed was a 20-minute conversation about God. Unfortunately, with Nati's phone dying, he was only able to capture a small portion of the exchange.

"[The conversation] got to a point where he wanted to share this Bible verse," Nati told TheBlaze. "They popped the truck of the Escalade and he grabbed his Bible and just kind of was going over some Bible verses that he thought would help her."

The publicist couldn't remember the specific verse that was read.

Watch the video, below:

It's no secret that DMX is a Christian, however his repeated brushes with the law have captured headlines more often than his faith has.

The rapper recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, UPI reported this summer. He owes $1.24 million in child support, alone, and has between $1 million and $10 million in total debt.

Over the summer, he was also arrested for drunk driving in South Carolina and, in a separate incident just days later, police cited him for marijuana possession. The rapper has been arrested numerous times in the past before for a variety of offenses as well.

As for substance abuse, Nati said that it's a struggle for DMX. While marijuana is still a part of the rapper's life, he's working to rid himself of all substances.

"God is really helping him get rid of all the hard stuff and, as far as smoking weed or drinking, that's the goal to get where he is not consuming any substance," the publicist said.

(H/T: TMZ)


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