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Daily Beast editor slams Obama's 'lousy follow-up' presidency

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Tina Brown is out with a column Monday highly critical of President Obama and his so far poorly implemented health care law.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images 

"Perhaps the most damaging aspect of the Obamacare tech nightmare is how wholly predictable it all was," Brown writes. "Anyone who has been involved in building the most rudimentary of web operations knows nothing ever works as it’s supposed to. Even awesome Apple, mighty Microsoft, and gargantuan Google miss deadlines."

Brown is the outgoing editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast, a tabloidy, left-leaning news website she founded in 2008.

More from the column:

Not only is the tech itself full of glitches and gremlins, but the “content” it conveys requires very different species of people to collaborate in ways they never will. Techies know they hold all the cards to the obscure and procrastinate on the grounds of engineering mysteries. The information or editorial people feel so passé and irrelevant that they never voice their secret fears that what is moving inexorably forward makes no discernible sense. When panic sets in, they regress completely and start ordering up things that are technical flops, too. Then everyone braces for this car crash they hope won’t metastasize into a train wreck. ...

How ironic if Obama’s signature accomplishment becomes instead a metaphor for his presidency’s signature problem: big pronouncements and lousy follow-up, the curse of our times.


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