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Got to Go': Watch How Jay Carney Handles Being Pelted With Questions About Obamacare Website Disaster


"Well again I would refer you to HHS..."

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney (Getty Images)

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was pelted with questions about the glitch-ridden Obamacare website during Tuesday's daily briefing. In the end, Carney left many questions unanswered, repeatedly referring reporters to the Department of Health and Human Services for information.

"The website that is of considerable focus, understandably, is run by HHS and CMS. They have a team in place that’s working on it, they have brought in individuals as a part of this tech surge to help them deal with the problems on the website," Carney said. "So they are the people best situated to answer the questions that you have. I would refer you to them about what questions they can answer or they are able to answer. But I think whats important to not is that they are focused on trying to fix these problems."

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An unidentified reporter then asked Carney why "basic, right-to-know information," like "how much is this costing taxpayers," has been so difficult to obtain.

"As a long time Washington reporter before you took this job obviously that would likely be something that you felt was a right to know, will we get that information from HHS?" the reporter asked.

"Well I would address your question to HHS," Carney repeated. "I don’t have that information, and this is an operation being run by HHS, again all of this information is part of, all of this is about the affordable care act, which is a law that was passed and signed and upheld by the supreme court in order to expand and improve insurance coverage for the American people…"

"Should they provide that?" the reporter pressed.

"Well again I would refer you to HHS about what information they have, and what they are able to provide," Carney answered. "Got to go."

(H/T: Fox Nation)


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