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Famous Scientist Is Confident Obama Is an Atheist


Author and world-renowned biologist Richard Dawkins said Friday he is confident that President Barack Obama is an atheist.

"Like many people, I'm sure that Obama is an atheist," Dawkins said. "I'm sure Kennedy was an atheist."

The comments were made on talk show host Bill Maher's "Real Time" HBO program before a live studio audience. Maher is also an atheist.

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Obama has insisted and reiterated a number of times that he is a devout Christian.

In February, Dawkins stirred controversy when he ridiculed outgoing Pope Benedict XVI for his celibacy and said he had lived a "wasted life."

"I feel sorry for the Pope and all those old Catholic priests," he tweeted at the time. "Imagine having a wasted life to look back on and no sex."

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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