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I'm Hanging Up the White Coat': The Disgusted Obamacare Letter From a Former Health Care Worker to President Obama


"’ve lost and will continue to lose."

A former health care worker and political activist has penned an open letter to President Barack Obama saying he has abandoned his dream of going into medicine, and it's all because of the Affordable Care Act.

Michael Gordon Lotfi wrote an open letter to President Barack Obama declaring he will no longer be going into medicine because of Obamacare (image source: Facebook)

“I remember the day Obamacare became law. I was sitting in the hospital working in the anesthesia department part-time to cover the costs of tuition. Dr. Alfery, a mentor of mine, looked over at me and said, ‘Run– It’s not too late to change majors,’” Michael Gordon Lotfi wrote in the letter, which was first posted online last week and has been viewed more than 86,331 times.

He continued: “Your legislation has caused countless doctors to go into retirement early, opt for cash-only practices, and has discouraged bright, young minds from entering the field."

Lotfi, who graduated from the nursing program at Belmont University in Tennessee in May, is the associate director for the Tenth Amendment Center, a think tank that advocates for a limited federal government.

He told TheBlaze he spent three years as an anesthesiologist technician, but said in his letter he cannot continue in the health care field "with clear conscience" as a result of the new law.

“I have decided that I believe in the principles of a truly free market, and I trust the free market. Because of this deep, internal value system I cannot, with clear conscience, continue on this path. My life has value. Such value cannot be calculated by Washington bureaucrats. I won’t allow it. Only a true free-market can accurately assess the value I am capable of,” he wrote.

He said in concluding the letter: “Mr President, I’m leaving the medical field. I’m hanging up the white coat. However, let me be clear. You have not won. Unless something 'changes,' you’ve lost and will continue to lose. You will fail because you lack principle. Meanwhile, we will succeed because we are born of principle."

Asked to explain that final passage, Lofti told TheBlaze: “America since its inception is a nation of laws."

“We’ve really come away from that. So my statement to Obama, with the idea of that principle that we’re a nation of laws, is that he is not a man of principle," he said. “When you don’t base your decisions and actions on principles, it opens the door to for other people with different principles or ideologies to come in and change the nation. And that’s exactly what we had with Obama and (Arizona Republican Sen. John) McCain and (South Carolina Republican Sen.) Lindsey Graham. They are not men of principles."

Lotfi is a former consultant to Nancy Mace, Sen. Graham's primary challenger.

“Republicans and Democrats alike are not men of principle,” he said.

You can read the entire letter below:

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