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Megyn Kelly Explodes on Democrat Over Shocking Obamacare Report: 'Let's Have a Substantive Discussion!


"You're better than this."

(Fox News)

Megyn Kelly battled with Democratic strategist Mark Hannah on Monday over a shocking report that revealed the Obama administration knew for years that millions of Americans would lose their health insurance plans due to Obamacare. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama repeatedly made promises to the contrary, telling Americans they will be able to keep their plans if they wish.

"Was he intentionally misleading, or was there some argument that he was grossly mistaken?" Kelly asked.

When Hannah tried to argue that neither was true, Kelly refused to let him dodge the question.

"Wait a minute, what are you talking about?" Kelly shot back. "No! Let's just stay on point!"

(Fox News)

Kelly went on to point out that over one million people have already had their plans cancelled so far, and estimates indicate that as many as 14 million people might have their plans canceled soon.

"These plans don't offer the basic protections that the president has been saying all along are required under any insurance plan unless it is grandfathered beforehand," Hannah said. "These plans are illegal and the president has been saying that forever."

When he began getting off topic again, Kelly exploded.

"Mark! He said 'period,' he said if you like your plan you can keep it. Period!" she yelled.

Later in the segment, Kelly again attempted to get Hannah to acknowledge that Obama misled the public by promising Americans they will be able to keep their health insurance plans if they don't want to go into the exchanges. However, she still didn't get a straight answer.

"Let's wonder why these plans are illegal in the first place--" Hannah began before being interrupted.

"No, no come on! Respond to my––I know you can bridge away to a happy place for you," Kelly hit back. "You're better than this."

"So speak to my point," she added. "Let's have a substantive discussion! Why did he say 'period?' Why didn't he say 'asterisk?'"

Hannah's answer? "For emphasis, probably."

He then placed some of the blame on the media, saying the possibility that Americans would lose their health insurance plans must have been "underreported" because the information was publicly available.

"It was my fault, it was the media’s fault, it was the American people’s fault, because they should have understood that period did not mean period," Kelly mocked.

Watch the heated segment via Fox News/Mediaite:

(H/T: Mediaite)


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