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Superman, Harry Potter & a T-Rex Eating a Human: Have You Seen the Ohio State Band's Remarkable Halftime Performance?


The crowd was awed.

Image: YouTube

In the top-tier of college marching bands, there are few that can stand with Ohio State University in terms of musical ability and on-field performances. This past weekend, OSU's band took the field at halftime and delivered a tribute to "Hollywood Blockbusters."

The eight-minute musical performance started with a rather reserved formation of the classic Superman logo as the band played the theme from the movie.

Image source: YouTube

But then, the band ratcheted things up a few levels. While continuing to play music, they formed a stick man, a phone booth, and a large building that appeared to be falling. As the building started to fall, "Clark Kent" entered the phone booth, morphed into the Man of Steel and flew to save the falling building.

Image source: YouTube

The Superman save was followed by a brief and fairly staid "Lord of the Rings" display. But within seconds, the OSU band was again morphing into a very intricate pattern: a salute to the "Harry Potter" films, complete with a flying broomstick.

Image source: YouTube

Six minutes into the performance, the band formed a giant T-Rex while playing the soaring music from "Jurassic Park." And just like in the Oscar-winning film, the dinosaur lumbered across the field to chow down on an innocent human.

Image source: YouTube

The performance ended in dramatic fashion with a scene that paid tribute to Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" while also poking a little fun at Michigan, the Buckeyes' long-standing rival. The band formed two pirate ships engaged in battle.  The Ohio State ship made short order of the Michigan ship and the stadium cheered as their rival's boat "sank."

Image source: YouTube 

Watch the Ohio State University marching band's entire performance here:

Recall that it was just last week that the band performed a stirring 11-minute tribute to the music of Michael Jackson:


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