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LA Times: People are losing their insurance plans 'for good reason

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Sure President Obama lied "overpromised" about being able to keep your health plan, the Los Angeles Times editorial board writes today.  But if you're one of those unlucky saps now losing your plan, you're probably losing it "for good reason."

Talk about liberal arrogance:

This fall, thousands of Americans are learning that they can't keep their insurance policies next year because the coverage doesn't meet the standards set in the 2010 healthcare law. The only alternative for many will be more comprehensive policies at a higher price. The cancellations have caused a new wave of outrage against the law and President Obama, who repeatedly pledged that "if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it."

Obama clearly overpromised — not everyone can keep the plans they've signed up for since the new law passed. That's because one laudable purpose of the Affordable Care Act was to eliminate threadbare health plans that covered too little and left policyholders vulnerable to bankruptcy in the event of a major illness or injury. The president should have stated more plainly that some plans wouldn't pass muster.

But of course the president couldn't have sold Obamacare that way.  He knows that voters would only support a policy to "keep your plan" and would reject any measure to "keep only the plans I approve of."  This was no case of "overpromising"; this was a case of calculated lies.

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