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Your All-Access Pass to Mercury One's 'God, Guns & Giving' Event – Plus, Which GOP Rep. Is Apparently a Heck of a Shot?


"I get pretty down being in Washington, and what you guys do is so uplifting to me. It fires me up."

Glenn Beck and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) exercise their Second Amendment rights. (Credit: Mercury One)

Hundreds of people from across the country were in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday for the culmination of Mercury One's first annual "God, Guns & Giving" charity event. And Saturday was all about the guns.

Several groups dispersed across Elm Fork Shooting Sports' 467-acre gun range to take part in the sporting clays shooting event. One particularly star-studded group consisted of Glenn Beck, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.

The word around the range was Gohmert is a heck of a shot.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and Glenn Beck exercise their Second Amendment rights. (Credit: Mercury One)

"I don't know who you talked to, but the secret behind anyone thinking I'm a good shot is low expectations," Gohmert said humbly.

The Texas congressman, who regularly takes part in charity events without publicizing it, told TheBlaze he jumped at the opportunity to attend "God, Guns & Giving" because Mercury One "is doing the things America needs to have done."

Gohmert also praised Mercury One for infusing the Constitution into its charity events. Needless to say, the Second Amendment was on full display Saturday.

"It supports the founding principles, it supports those who are defending and helping defend this great nation," he told TheBlaze. "Like any great endowment, if people don't defend what they've inherited, they won't keep it. So Mercury One is just doing everything right. Helping the right people for the right reasons."

However, Gohmert admitted that he considers his regular participation in Mercury One's charity initiatives "selfish" in a way.

"I get pretty down being in Washington, and what you guys do is so uplifting to me," he explained. "It fires me up. It sends me back ready to defend this country even harder."

Also in attendance were TheBlaze TV's Buck Sexton, Tara Setmayer and Raj Nair, who made the trip from New York City to join this author on a hours-long shooting extravaganza.

Raj Nair takes aim at Mercury One's "God, Guns & Giving" event in Dallas. (Credit: TheBlaze)

Buck Sexton shows off his shooting skills. Credit: TheBlaze

As many of you likely know, all that shooting can really work up an appetite. Thankfully, Operation BBQ Relief was on the scene to provide lunch to all the attendees.

(Credit: Mercury One)

This author's shooting skills, (which I was actually feeling kind of good about), were then put to shame by Team Beretta's Scott Robertson in a stunning special shotgun exhibition show.

All proceeds from the event will go to Mercury One, which Beck was proud to say puts all of its money back into its mission to give and help others. Visit Mercury One's website or Facebook page to get more information or to get involved.

Enjoy behind-the-scenes photos from the exhilarating "God, Guns & Giving" event:

(Credit: Amber Fisher)

Marcus Luttrell and Amber Fisher (Jeffy's wife). (Credit: Amber Fisher)

Marcus Luttrell gives his thirsty dog some water. (Credit: Amber Fisher)

Rep. Louie Gohmert and Marcus Luttrell chat during Mercury One's "God, Guns & Giving" event. (Credit: Amber Fisher)

Glenn Beck busting some clays. (Credit: Amber Fisher)

(Credit: Amber Fisher)

Kids get gun safety lessons during "God, Guns & Giving" event in Dallas. (Credit: Amber Fisher)

(Credit: Amber Fisher)

Jeffy clearly enjoying the BBQ. (Credit: Amber Fisher)

Team Beretta's Scott Robertson shows off incredible shotgun shooting skills. (Credit: Amber Fisher)

(Credit: Amber Fisher)

Jeffy takes aim at clays. (Credit: Amber Fisher)

Marcus Luttrell (Credit: Amber Fisher)

(Credit: Amber Fisher)


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