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Worst Thing Anybody Could Say': Here's How David Barton Responded to Glenn Beck's Urge That He Run for Senate


"He didn't laugh and there was dead silence on the phone."

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Christian historian David Barton is being urged by Tea Party activists to challenge incumbent Texas Senator John Cornyn (R) in the 2014 midterm elections, but that news had not yet reached the media when Glenn Beck called Barton roughly three weeks ago.

Unaware that the issue was already being floated, Beck said he suggested Barton run, but began indirectly.

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"I said," Beck began, "what would you say [about] a guy who knows the Constitution inside and out? ... God-fearing guy. Not a guy who's going to do something that's going to go against the principles of ... nature's God, nature's laws ... Knows really who we are. Has the national stature."

Beck continued to say this is a man who "knows the system really well," and a person who he believes people would be "passionate" about.

Beck said Barton responded: "That's great. Who is it?"

"I said, 'Senator David Barton,'" Beck continued. "He didn't laugh and there was dead silence on the phone."

Beck said that's when the realization struck him that Barton was already considering it, and related what Barton said next.

"If the Lord tells me to do it, I'll do it, but so far I haven't heard," Barton remarked.

Beck explained with a laugh that such a comment is "the worst thing anybody could say" because it means there is no argument that can be made to change the person's mind, and no reason you should try.

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"And I've had several people say that," Beck added. "[Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert] said that to me. Rafael Cruz said that to me..."

Beck was referencing other individuals he has been encouraging to run for Senate in Texas, all of whom have told him that they have to pray on it, and do what God asks.

But while Barton has not yet committed to running, he is already gaining support in Texas and across the country. Even MSNBC's "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough spoke favorably about the historian, saying: "I know David Barton, I like him. On my book shelf for 20 years has been his books.”

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