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MSNBC Analyst Uses the Word 'Quagmire' to Describe Obamacare


"I think he's in a quagmire either way."

President Barack Obama speaks at the Port of New Orleans, Friday, Nov. 8, 2013, in New Orleans. The government shutdown may have affected October’s jobs numbers. But not how you think. For weeks, the White House had been bracing for a bad report on hiring. Like pregame analysts ahead of a lopsided sports match, White House economists and aides lowered expectations and blamed October’s partial government shutdown for the inevitable bad news to come. Then Friday’s numbers materialized and stunned the prognosticators. Employers appeared to have ignored the shutdown and hired away to the tune of 204,000 jobs in October. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais\n

Is MSNBC's generally unflinching support of Obamacare experiencing a shift? The cable network that has trumpeted the Affordable Care Act since it was first proposed used the "Q-word" Wednesday to describe its failed rollout: "quagmire."

Just a day after former President Bill Clinton urged the White House to honor its "you can keep it" health plan promise, and as more congressional Democrats have added their voices to support action to allow people to keep their existing insurance, MSNBC's Donnie Deutsch called President Barack Obama's signature piece of legislation a "quagmire."

Appearing on "Morning Joe," show co-host Joe Scarborough asked Deutsch, a Madison Avenue advertising legend, what would happen if General Motors had experienced such a disaster in launching a new car. That's when Deutsch delivered the devastating verdict: "I think he's in a quagmire either way, to tell you the truth."

Addressing Scarborough's suggestion that Obama should tell the American people that the launch was a disaster, and the website would be shut down and relaunched in six months, Deutsch made an even more damning declaration, "I think that the perception, right now, is so damaged that I don't know if he -- I don't know if this legislation ever fully comes back from this."

Watch the analysis below:

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