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New Video Captures Man's Prayer as Tornado Rages Outside: 'Oh My Jesus Forgive Us Our Sins


"Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell."

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

A video that shows a massive twister ripping through Washington, Ill., on Sunday is going viral -- but it's not really the tornado that is capturing peoples' attention. Instead, it is the calm prayers being uttered by the man filming the storm that have everyone talking.

From the Lord's Prayer to the Hail Mary, the man, identified in the description of the video as Anthony Khoury, remains calm even as destruction unfolds right outside his window.

"Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell," he can be heard praying. "God the father in heaven have mercy on us, God the son have mercy on us, God the holy spirit have mercy on us, holy trinity one God have mercy on us."

Watch the video below:

Khoury later spoke with The Weather Channel about the storm and his prayers, explaining what motivated him to utter the invocations.

"I just felt like it was not real, like I couldn't believe this was happening … I heard the sirens come on and I thought it was just going to be a small storm," he said. "And then all I see is this massive black tornado and my mother, my father and I -- we all panicked and we ran downstairs and we just began praying."

Listen to Khoury describe the chaos and his calming response below:

WGN-TV reported that Khoury's home was spared, but others in the neighborhood were not so lucky.

The video was recorded on Sunday as tornados touched ground all across the Midwest. reported that an estimated 80 tornados touched ground in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, leaving death and destruction in their path.

TheBlaze previously provided numerous videos of the tornados on the ground. You can watch them here.



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