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Well-Known YouTube Prankster's 'Anniversary Prank' on Girlfriend Backfires in a HUGE Way


Boyfriends and husbands, don't try this at home...


YouTube prankster Roman Atwood has made a career out of pranking people and uploading the footage on YouTube. In his latest "prank," he became the victim when his girlfriend of five years turned the tables on him.

Before we go any further, there is a possibility that Atwood staged the whole thing in a quest to score a multimillion view YouTube video. But then again, it could also be real, and therefore an entertaining exchange as well as a lesson in what not to do.

Atwood -- for whatever reason -- decided to prank his girlfriend, Britney, by telling her he cheated on her while they were on an anniversary trip in Aruba.


Perhaps dating a YouTube star who is always looking to prank someone has made Britney more aware of her surroundings, or maybe Atwood is losing his touch. Either way, Britney allegedly saw Atwood set up the camera and decided to get some revenge.

"I cheated on you too," she says while crying in the video.

Atwood predictably freaks out -- until she reveals that she knew he was pranking her the whole time.

Regardless of whether the video was staged or genuine, it's safe to say that no boyfriend or husband should ever try this at home (Warning: Some strong edited out language):


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