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It Only Takes Six Seconds to Realize This 15-Year-Old Has an Angelic Voice


Turn up the volume.

Ema Gilman (Source: Vine screen shot)

Emma Gilman is 15 years old, according to her profile on the video-sharing site Vine (which allows you to record short video blurbs). You would never know it if you took the six seconds it requires to listen to just one of her recordings. But if you're like us, you can't just watch one -- and you'll be the better for it.

We've been captivated by the young girl's voice since the Facebook group Best Vines shared one of her videos on Monday with the title, "She's really good."

She is. And we have to marvel at her understanding of acoustics: many of her videos are recorded in her garage. Others are impressed, too: she has over 108,000 followers on her Vine page.

Here are just some of the videos located on the Minnesota teen's public Vine profile. They'll probably leave you wondering what she's capable if she can pack this much power into six seconds (be sure to click the sound icon in the top left of each video to turn the sound on -- and then turn it up!):

It's fascinating to watch how technology is driving talent discovery. Just think: it wasn't too long ago that the best chance to be discovered was to record a YouTube video. Now you can accomplish the same thing in six seconds.



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