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Watch the Amazing Way a Black Woman Responds to 'Hairstylist' at Harlem Barbershop Criticizing Man Over His White 'Girlfriend


"You couldn't find a strong black woman for you?"


The latest episode of ABC's "What Would You Do?" sets up patrons at a Harlem barber shop to see how bystanders would respond to a black woman criticizing a black man for dating a white woman.

One of the bystanders responded in the most amazing way possible.

The setup begins with "Rachel," an actress playing a hairstylist at the Harlem barbershop Denny Moe's, flirting with a black man in the shop. When his white "girlfriend" walks in, Rachel begins voicing her opposition to their relationship.

"You're with a white girl?" she says. "You couldn't find a strong black woman for you?"

One woman sitting next to the white girlfriend quickly leans over and comforts her. "Nobody here is bothered by you," she says in the video.

Rachel then tells the boyfriend that she hopes they don't have any children.

It was at this point that the black woman, who first embraced the actress playing the white girlfriend, could no longer contain herself.


"Like I said, she sounds like a real hater and she's insecure," the woman says in the video. "She's ignorant. ... I'm talking about you…you are ignorant. Keep your opinions to yourself because you sound stupid, alright?"

Still, she wasn't done.

"I'm letting you know, black girl to another black girl, you sound stupid," she lectured. "As much criticism as we went through as a people, you gonna go and do it to the next person? What gives you that right?"

When Rachel asked the woman why she was defending a white woman, she replied: "I don't care what she was, she could be purple. I'm defending a woman. Period."

Watch the video and the rest of the segment, which aired on Tuesday, via ABC:

(H/T: NewsOne)


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