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Twitter's biggest 2013 moments in politics


Twitter has complied a list the most tweeted topics in news by month in 2013.

Some of the highlights:

In March, "@SenRandPaul’s 13-hour Senate filibuster saw over a million Tweets as citizens shared their opinions on #StandWithRand" and "The world gathered to mark the announcement of the new Pope, resulting in a global conversation of more than 130,000 Tweets per minute."

In April, "more than 27 million Tweets were sent as the world discussed the bombings, the manhunt, and the spirit of #bostonstrong." Also, "when news broke of Lady Thatcher’s passing, there were more than a million mentions of her name on Twitter in just four hours."

In June, "Twitter drew national attention to State Sen. @WendyDavisTexas’ 13-hour filibuster. Citizens took a stand one way or another via 730,000 Tweets." Then, "The U.S. Supreme Court rulings on #DOMA and #Prop8 paved the way for gay marriage. Issue-watchers sent 1.6 million Tweets, peaking at 12,228 tweets per minute."

In October, "during the U.S. government’s 16-day shutdown, debates raged, news broke and political battles played out on Twitter."

In November, "global diplomacy played out on Twitter as Western leaders reached an agreement with Iran about its nuclear capabilities."

Finally, in December, "the passing of revered South African statesman Nelson Mandela at age 95 flooded Twitter with tributes."

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