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The Story About a Dad and His Newborn That’s Both Tragic and a ‘Miracle’


"This is without question the most difficult experience of my life..."

Josh Robison holding his son, Logan, for the first -- and last -- time. (Image source: KSL-TV)

A 24-year-old Brigham Young University student, who was looking forward to becoming a father, had the opportunity to hold his baby one time before dying the day after his son's birth due to an infection that rapidly spread through his body in a matter of weeks.

For Josh Robison, it all started as flu-like symptoms and a headache.

josh and erica robison Josh Robison with his wife, Erica, on their wedding day. Erica recently gave birth to their first son, but Josh died from complications of an infection the following day. (Image source: Facebook)

"Saturday afternoon [Thanksgiving weekend], he got a headache and started throwing up and was just sick," Jodi Robison, Josh's mother, told KSL-TV of her son's symptoms.

By Dec. 6, Josh was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a treatable staph infection. Still, Deseret News reported that Robison, at this point, was delirious.

"He didn't know where he was. He couldn't put words together. He answered questions funny," Jodi Robison said. "They told us we better come."

The source of Josh's infection was traced to a valve in his heart.

"Because of the danger of having an infection on your heart — it's pumping bacteria in your bloodstream on every beat — he had emergency open heart surgery Monday," Jodi told Deseret News.

After the Dec. 9 surgery, KSL reported that things for Josh were looking up.

"He was improving, and they were quite pleased," Jodi said.

Later that week, his wife would be admitted to the hospital to give birth to their son on Thursday. Josh, still in the same hospital, was allowed to hold his son for the first time.

josh robison and son logan Josh Robison holding his son, Logan, for the first -- and last -- time. (Image source: KSL-TV)

That same day, Josh got a headache and was given a CT scan. While the scan was taking place, he lost consciousness and he never woke up. His brain was bleeding and swelling, which the doctor's tried to mitigate with surgery.

"Josh never regained consciousness," Jodi told Deseret, explaining the family made the decision to remove him from life support when the swelling was cutting off oxygen to his brain. "It was obvious that no matter what they did, it was irreversible. If he did live, it wouldn't be the Josh that we knew."

Although Josh's death Friday came suddenly and was a shock, especially after the birth of his son, Logan, Jodi said the family still considers the fact that he was able to hold the baby a "miracle."

Watch KSL-TV's report:

After news of Josh's death spread, the family has received a show of financial support for his wife, Erica, and newborn son. A Give Forward page has already raised more than $48,000 with the goal of reaching $100,000.

"This is without question the most difficult experience of my life, but it has warmed my heart to be so overwhelmed with love and support from friends and strangers alike," Erica Robison, living in Utah County, said in a statement to KSL. "I see so many people wanting to serve in so many ways. The financial support will help ensure that Logan will get an education and everything else he needs, but what will really bless and heal our hearts is the outpouring of thoughts, prayers and messages of love. We are so thankful."

(H/T: Daily Mail)



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