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TheBlaze Magazine: Leftists team to take American mortgages


An imminent eminent threat: George Soros-connected wealthy investors, plugged-in bureaucrats, far-Left activists and connected politicians and Obama allies have created a scheme to seize billions of dollars of American mortgages. How? By abusing the government’s eminent domain power.

Not only are these progressive moneymen looking to make a fortune by partnering with government officials to grab contracts from banks, but this scheme may be just the step toward the nefarious Agenda 21 that leftists have been waiting for.

And what about the president's new top federal housing regulator? The Right filibustered his nomination, but the Democrats' "nuclear option" in the Senate paved the way for this radical to take over. And he's a big fan of this mortgage-grab plan—his predecessor fought against it.

Plus, don't miss our in-depth profile on Gary Sinise's work that's transforming the lives of U.S. military warriors. What you think you know about him is just the beginning.

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