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A Parent Was Worried About How the Dog Would React to Newborn Baby – Here's What Happened in 7 Photos

Source: Reddit

It can be an unsettling thing, introducing a pet to a newborn baby. Though it's extremely rare, there have been horror stories of dogs attacking unfamiliar newborns.

In a Sunday post, Reddit user banpeiSF said he was a little worried about his Corgi, Wilbur, meeting the family's newborn baby. However, his concerns turned out to be completely unwarranted.

In fact, the two have seemingly become inseparable. Take a look (captions via Reddit):

Back from hospital...first meet & greet.

Source: Reddit, banpeiSF

Keeping her company during tummy time

Source: Reddit, banpeiSF

He's started sleeping in her room now...

Source: Reddit, banpeiSF

Waiting for her to wake up

Source: Reddit, banpeiSF

The tube is for her bili blanket. (She had mild jaundice)

Source: Reddit, banpeiSF

Source: Reddit, banpeiSF

It's all good, but Wilbur and his big fat butt (see below) are gonna have to learn the concept of "personal space" at some point

Source: Reddit, banpeiSF

As with all Reddit posts, there is a possibility that the photos are, staged or recycled. Either way, there's no getting around it -- these two are plain adorable.


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