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Going Viral: 'The Price Is Right' Contestant Reacts as Expected After Winning $157,000 Car


Nice wheels.


A woman from Tacoma, Wash., won a $157,000 Audi R8 Spyder and $10,000 cash on "The Price Is Right" in an episode that aired on Monday, becoming the biggest winner in the history of the show's daytime broadcast.

Sheree Heil was more than a little excited about winning the car too.



Heil won the car playing "Gas Money," a game that gives players a chance to win a car and $10,000 cash. As soon as host Drew Carey announced that she had won, Heil screamed and ran around the stage excitedly, giving the model a hug and hopping into her new car.

Now, she'll still have to pay taxes and other fees associated with the expensive vehicle, but it's still quite a deal.

Watch the video via CBS below:



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