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NY Post to outgoing Bloomberg: 'thank you

via the Newseum

The New York Post's conservative editorial board, one of Michael Bloomberg's toughest critics, bids the outgoing mayor farewell on his last day in office:

We had our doubts when Mike was elected. Bloomberg, we noted, was a “life-long liberal Democrat” who was “lefty to the core” and lacked political experience. The question was whether the Rudy Giuliani gains — especially against crime — would stick.

The record is now before us. Recall that Rudy had already reduced murders and other violence to levels no one had thought possible. Yet with Ray Kelly at the helm of the NYPD, crime rates plunged even further: Murders, for example, dropped to fewer than 340 this year (a record) from 649 in 2001. ...

Mike also took on the sacred cows of education. True, our schools still have a long way to go, given that two out of three city kids graduate unprepared for either college or a job. But Mike’s policies chipped away at the education cartel that has made our public schools more of a jobs program for the teachers unions than a program of learning for city schoolchildren. ...

So on this, Bloomberg’s last day in office, The Post says simply: Thank you, Mr. Mayor. You did New York proud.

Naturally, the Post's front page isn't so upbeat...

via the Newseum

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