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And Now, One of the Calmest Attempted Robberies With a Tomahawk You'll Ever See


"As I put this on the counter, you're going to put money into my backpack."

A man wielding a tomahawk robs a gas station. (Source: Surveillance video via Naples Daily News)

Police say the video you're about to see shows an attempted armed robbery involving a tomahawk in Naples, Fla., on Wednesday. The alleged robber says it was all a joke. Even if that really isn't true, that still seems to sum up the attempt: it was so pitiful it might as well be called one.

Watch the surveillance video from the Naples Daily News that shows 23-year-old Kristopher Robyn Sebrasky wait around until the 7-Eleven is clear after buying a water and energy drink, and then calmly take a small tomahawk out of his bag, set it on the counter, and then abandon his apparent robbery attempt when another customer comes in:

So what exactly did you just see?

Well, according to an arrest report viewed by the Naples Daily News, after purchasing his items Sebrasky recognized the clerk as an old acquaintance and started striking up a conversation. Once the store emptied, that's when the clerk says Sebrasky's intentions became more sinister.

"As I put this on the counter, you're going to put money into my backpack," he allegedly said as he slid the 6-inch tomahawk, which also had a 4-inch knife attached, across the counter.

(Source: Surveillance video via Naples Daily News)

In the video, the clerk appears to stay calm, and the alleged burglar doesn't make any sudden movements. In fact, they both appear to simply stand and stare (with Sebrasky appearing to smile) until another customer comes in. That's when Sebrasky does something perplexing: he slides the tomahawk over to the clerk even more, as if to surrender it to him.

(Source: Surveillance video via Naples Daily News)

But don't let the calm video fool you.

"I was flipping out," the clerk said, according to reports.

Police say the gesture of appearing to offer the tomahawk to the clerk was meant to make the robbery look instead like a friendly interaction.

Sebrasky was arrested later in the day in front of his house and still maintains it was all a joke between old friends and he really didn't want to rob the store.


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