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If You Want Hollywood to Make More Conservative-Friendly Movies, Consider Seeing This Soon


"If we could only have a film like this..."

Conservatives often complain of Hollywood's liberal bias, but their voices are rarely heard or acknowledged. On the Glenn Beck Program Wednesday, Ronald Krauss said that if Americans truly want to see more films with a positive, conservative-friendly message, they need to make their voices heard and see "Gimme Shelter" this weekend.

Krauss wrote, produced, and directed the film, and he was joined on The Glenn Beck Program with guest host Stu Burguiere by Kathy DiFiore and Darlisha Dozier, on whom the movie was based.

Dozier described how -- as a pregnant teenager who had an abusive mother and had been in foster homes her whole life -- she ended up living on the street before being taken in by DiFiore and Several Sources Shelters. Thanks to them, she said, she was able to "save [her] baby" and not have an abortion. DiFiore credits God for turning around her own life.

"I'm glad this movie's out and I can give my life story and inspire everybody," Dozier said with a smile. "I encourage everybody to go see it."

Here is the official trailer:

Krauss spent a year in DiFiore's shelter preparing the movie, and met Dozier the day she came in. He got together a solid cast that includes Vanessa Hudgens and Brendan Fraser, but found that "nobody" wanted him to make the film.

And why? When asked what she hopes people take away from it, Dozier said she hopes people leave "inspired to live their life."

"Continue to go and don't accept the word no," she added. "And continue to help mothers that are in need of housing. Or continue to help anybody that's struggling with addiction, or being rejected by any type of friend or person in their life."

Krauss said that "Gimme Shelter" is the type of film that people refer to when they say, "if we could only have a film like this..."

"We've made this film," he said, "...but you have to support it, otherwise it will not be there next weekend ... And the film is so moving and so relevant to us right now."

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