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When a 34-Year-Old Man Took a 13-Year-Old Hostage, He Made One Odd Request and an Equally Bizarre Phone Call


"If not, then sorry about your luck."

Don Pooley, 34, held a 13-year-old boy hostage for about 18 hours. (Image source: Screen grab via KDVR-TV)

A convicted criminal who had taken a 13-year-old boy hostage in Colorado Monday night called a news station and reiterated that he had asked negotiators Tuesday morning to move one mile away from the home and give him "a chance to run."

[sharequote align="center"]“Let me try. I just wanna run."[/sharequote]

“Let me try. I just wanna run,” the suspect, Don Pooley, 34, said, in a conversation with KDVR-TV. “If you catch me, good. Then you caught me. If not, then sorry about your luck. Maybe another day.”

Don Pooley, 34, held a 13-year-old boy hostage for about 18 hours. (Image source: Screen grab via KDVR-TV)

Pooley had called a KDVR-TV reporter during the standoff, telling her that he would kill the boy if police attempted to enter the home and that he rather die than go to prison for life.

Ultimately, however, the standoff ended after police did make the decision to make a move and killed Pooley, rescuing the 13-year-old boy.

"The situation was resolved when the suspect went to the front door to retrieve some items that we were delivering and the SWAT team took a shot at the suspect, striking him and we were then able to rescue the hostage," Arvada Police Chief Don Wick said, according to KMGH-TV.

SWAT ended the standoff after they entered the home and killed the suspect. (Image source: Screen grab via KDVR-TV)

Police say the situation began as a domestic dispute Monday evening. When authorities came to take Pooley into custody he fled his house and entered another home, where the 13-year-old boy was home alone.

"The male took a 13-year-old hostage," Wick said, according to KGMH-TV. "The mother and brother of the hostage were just arriving at the residence when all this unfolded and, as a result, were not taken hostage."

Over the next 18 hours, authorities say Pooley threatened the life of the teenager, KDVR-TV reported.

When police finally decided to strike, Pooley was on the phone with his sister. She reportedly heard him call out for her, then said the phone went silent after what sounded like officers taking the 13-year-old into custody.

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