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8 explosive quotes from Douglas Murray's 'Islamophilia

8 explosive quotes from Douglas Murray's 'Islamophilia

'American generals and top politicians have become not just film critics but freelance consultants to cartoonists the world over (with a specialism in Scandinavia)'

The following quotes come from British journalist and Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society, Douglas Murray's "Islamophilia" (reviewed here).

Muhammad was depicted wearing a bear suit in South Park's 200th episode. The shows' producers received a major backlash. (Image Source: South Park Studios) 

1. "[Islamophilia] could be defined as the expression of disproportionate adoration of Islam. I don’t say – because I don’t think – that Islam has no redeeming features or that the religion has achieved nothing. But it seems strange to me that so many people today can be quite so asinine and supine when it comes to the religion. No other religion in the world today receives the kind of pass that Islam gets. Most religions currently get a hell of a time. But Islam does not."

2. "Today American generals and top politicians have become not just film critics but freelance consultants to cartoonists the world over (with a specialism in Scandinavia)."

3. "The claim that Islam is a religion of peace is a nicety invented by Western politicians so as either not to offend their Muslim populations or simply lie to themselves that everything might yet turn out fine. In fact, since its beginning Islam has been pretty violent."

4. "Our cultural and literary front-runners, like our film-makers and artists, forever portray themselves as fearless truth-tellers, willing to fight in the last artistic ditch to say what they think to whoever they like. And yet Islam comes along and it turns out that not only did they not stay around for the fight, they hauled down the flag and cleared out before any fighting had begun."

[sharequote align="center"]American...politicians have become not just film critics but freelance consultants to cartoonists[/sharequote]

5. "Even the most extreme Islamophile responses to Islam can still provoke accusations of Islamophobia. But when it comes to Christianity, it appears that you cannot uphold its doctrines without immediately being accused of obscurantism or bigotry. This results from a profound disdain in intellectual circles towards the religion underpinning the West, and a corresponding exaggerated respect for what are presumed to be the cultures of the underdeveloped world. The result positively encourages a critical approach to Christianity while refusing to permit anyone to say/write anything critical of Islam. The result is an approach to Islam which is not just uncritical but slavish."

6. "Of course it is the BBC’s right to make programmes which take the Islamic view of history. And it is The Times’s right to publish reviews which use the Muslim interpretation of history to dismiss the Christian one. But isn’t it a problem when this can happen one way round and not the other? Don’t you end up teaching a generation of people that there is only one religion which is really persuasive and only one religion that is beyond doubt? And it isn’t any of the ones most people are brought up with."

7. "For the record I don’t think everybody needs to spend their time being offensive about Islam. Not only is there no need to be offensive all the time, but most Muslims just want to get on with their lives as peacefully and successfully as everybody else. But there is an unevenness in our societies that needs to be corrected."

8. "If somebody threatens to kill people who draw a cartoon because it offends them, the only proper response is not to agree to alter everything you draw in future or avoid certain subject matters: it is to keep drawing that cartoon until such a time as the people who do the complaining stop. And then you stop doing it because it’s no longer necessary – just rude."

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