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Think You're Having a Bad Day? This Guy's Rude Introduction to the Power of a Snow Plow is Worse


"They got him good."

In movies, it's what happens right as a person thinks "could this day get any worse?" and then a passing truck sloshes dirty street water at them as they're walking down the sidewalk.

This video is the winter version of that bad day -- only perhaps worse.

JM Legend Auto in New York City's Brooklyn borough found its glass door smashed Wednesday morning. Turning to surveillance footage, the car dealer found the cause but also saw its door wasn't the only victim.

In the video taken at 5:17 a.m. shows one snow plow barreling down the street, followed by another one slightly offset to catch more snow near the curb. This second snow plow sends a wave of snow onto the sidewalk so powerful that it hits and knocks over a "poor man was walking down Coney Island [Avenue]," the auto store said of the video.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

pedestrian wall of snow_3 Image source: YouTube

pedestrian wall of snow_2 Image source: YouTube

"They got him good," JM Legend Auto continued in the video's description.

Watch the footage of the man being hit by a "wall of snow":

Then there's the second camera angle viewed from inside the showroom out toward the street:

Luckily, the pedestrian didn't appear to get hurt in the incident -- at least not physically -- popping right back up , dusting himself off and continuing on his way.

(H/T: Gawker)


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