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A dip into the pool reports: butter-up Biden

Credit: AP Photo/Alan Diaz

From a White House pool report on Vice President Joe Biden's visit Wednesday to a diner in Miami, Fla., where he promoted "Obamacare":

Credit: AP Photo/Alan Diaz Credit: AP Photo/Alan Diaz

Biden strode into the diner, raised his arms in greeting and embraced Randell Perry, a certified application counselor wearing a Jessie Trice Community health center shirt.

Biden complimented Perry on her teeth, and joined Perry and four other women at a center table.

Also seated at the table was Karen Egozi, president of the Epilepsy Foundation; Annie Neasman (pictured right), president of the Jessie Trice Community Health Center; and three others.

"I'm so sorry I'm late," Biden told the women. "There's weather coming down."

Biden sat down at the table and encouraged the women.

"As my mother would say, you're doing God's work," he said. ...

"The thing we don't talk about with health insurance," Biden said, "is it gives people peace of mind."

Biden noted that Neasman is a nurse.

"If there are any angels in heaven," he said, "they're all nurses."

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