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You WILL Giggle: Watch Goats Make a Playground out of Metal


See them go!


Goats apparently have an amazing ability to balance, as captured by a French man who caught his four goats playing in the backyard, turning a sheet of metal into their own playground.

few Three of the goats were free to roam and play on the piece of flexible metal. One sad goat was chained up and couldn't get in on all the action. (Image source: YouTube)

Max Murs uploaded the video Monday after shooting the footage on Sunday at lunchtime. He told TheBlaze he owns the goats but doesn't train them at all — they're just naturally adventurous.

"When nature send[s] you a present you just have to pick it!" Murs said in an email.

few This little guy ended up making a slide out of the metal, though he doesn't seem happy about it.

At one point all three unchained goats manage to balance on the metal together. You really have to see it to believe it — it'll make you wonder why goats don't have a better reputation for their balancing abilities.

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