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If you’ve been following the latest headlines, we’re entering phase three of a global financial crisis. Cities all over the world are currently experiencing looting, violence, shortages of supplies and runs on the banks. Venezuela is burning. A global deflationary time bomb could be waiting. And if you’re looking to the stock market for reassurance, recent collapses by more than 170 points have not helped. According to experts, 2013 was the worst retail season since 2008. Thousands of layoffs, record unemployment (Spain has 26.7 percent unemployment, Italy 12.7 percent, France 11 percent) as unrest is everywhere.

According to the International Labor Organization, 201.8 million people were unemployed in 2013. This is up 5 million from the year before. “If current trends continue, global unemployment is set to worsen further, albeit gradually, reaching more than 215 million job seekers by 2018,” the organization said. Factor in potential cataclysmic scenarios involving the Federal Reserve and you have a recipe for a global meltdown. But what does all of this mean for you? When you wake up to face an unthinkable scenario, will you be ready? In times like this, the last thing you want to do is rely on the government for help. Will you stay in your home or leave for a safer location? Once the disaster is upon you, will you know what to do?

Staying alive, being prepared and caring for your loved ones are paramount during times of crisis. Knowing your contingency plan for when the unimaginable occurs will be critical to avoiding disaster. Imagine no FEMA, food, fuel, electricity or water are available. What’s included in your preparation? If the aforementioned financial crisis sinks America’s economy, you’ll need a structured plan to survive. That’s where Uncensored Survival, a simple to follow, step-by-step plan that allows you to prepare in advance of the coming collapse comes in. Uncensored Survival was founded by Oli, a die-hard home steading survivalist passionate about keeping you and your family out of harm’s way.

If you’re planning to wait until the disaster is upon you, don’t. It will be too late. That moment is all you have to put your plan in place and to save those you care for most. These are the choices that shape our families. These are the moments our children remember forever, passed on throughout generations as cornerstones of safety. Oli will help you prepare. If you wait until the supermarket shelves are empty and the water supplies are drained, it will be too late.  The only person you want to rely on during an enduring crisis is yourself. Once you learn the principles of this Uncensored Survival plan, you will be prepared for life. Let Oli and Uncensored Survival preserve your safety and create solutions for your preparedness needs.

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