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Pope Francis Drops F-Bomb During Address in St. Peter’s Square


"In this f***..."

Pope Francis stunned a live audience in St. Peter’s Square Sunday when he accidentally dropped the Italian equivalent of the F-bomb instead of a similar-sounding word he meant to use.

"If each of us were to accumulate wealth not only for ourselves but to put at the service of others, in this f*** -- in this case God’s providence would manifest itself in this gesture of solidarity," he said.

The pontiff apparently meant to use the word “caso,” which means “example” in Italian. Instead, he said “cazzo” — a simple mistake, but one that came along with wildly different context, the Telegraph reported.

According to the Telegraph, Francis quickly composed and corrected himself, going on to pray for the situation in the Ukraine, but not before video of the incident was shared on social media.

Watch the viral clip below:

According to ABC News, those watching the speech "did a double-take, wondering if they really heard what they thought they did."

(H/T: Telegraph)

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