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How Many 'Best Picture' Films Can You Name By Looking Only at Final Frames? Test Your Mettle with This Cool Montage


Is there a Gen-X member who doesn't immediately shout "Rainman!" when spotting Tom Cruise?

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It was just two weeks ago that "12 Years A Slave" took home the American Motion Picture Academy's award for the Best Picture of 2013. The final scene from that movie kicks off a clever montage showing the closing frames of every single Best Picture winner ever awarded by the Academy.

Since they started handing out the Oscars in 1927, a total of 86 films have won the Best Picture trophy. Can you tell which flick from this elite group ended with this final image just below?

Image: Vimeo Image: Vimeo

If you guessed "The Exorcist" -- (as someone here did) --  you would be wrong. The 1973 horror film was nominated for 10 Oscars, but only scored two wins (Best Sound and Best Adapted Screenplay).  The screen cap above was from the final scene in "A Man For All Seasons" — the 1966 Oscar winner starring Paul Scofield (who also took home the Best Actor Oscar for his performance as Sir Thomas More).

The Best Picture final scene montage was built by The Final Image blog and posted on Vimeo. It takes the viewer on a trip back in time, sequentially, starting with 2013's "12 Years A Slave" all the way to the 1927/1928 winner, "Wings."

Of course, thanks to some iconic images from movies that almost every adult has seen, either on TV or in a theater, a good number of the movies are quickly identified by final scenes. It would be difficult for any baby boomer, for example, to not recognize Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains walking away from the camera in the ending image from "Casablanca."

Image: Vimeo Image: Vimeo

Is there a Gen-X member who doesn't immediately shout "Rainman!" when spotting Tom Cruise staring off in the distance as the 1988 winner ended?

Image: Vimeo Image: Vimeo

We've given you three films from the 86 collected here. If you're curious to see how many you can correctly recognize via only the final few seconds of the movie, visit the original post and see all of the films listed in order.

Watch the montage (with music from "Shakespeare In Love") here.

The 'Best Picture' Show: A Final Image Montage on Vimeo from The Final Image Films on Vimeo.

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