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One Look at the X-Ray Showing an Unbelievable Chainsaw Accident and It's Clear Miracles Happen


“I am a tree climber, that’s what I do.”

KDKA screen capture

James Valentine is a very lucky man.

Just one day after suffering a horrific accident, the 21-year-old tree trimmer is talking and it appears that he will be just fine. The X-ray of his accident is surreal, and shows a chainsaw slicing his neck open and embedding itself in his body. As bad as it looks, Valentine never lost consciousness and was able to climb down from the tree he was trimming while the chainsaw was still inside his neck:

KDKA screen capture KDKA screen capture

The accident occurred on Monday, in Ross Township, less than 10 miles north of Pittsburgh. Thanks to safety training, Valentine knew that he couldn't remove the chainsaw and had to leave it be until he got to the hospital.

Trauma surgeon Dr. Christine Toevs told KDKA-TV, “If you take the chainsaw out, you would have massive bleeding.”


“I was holding it with this hand and scooted down with this hand,” Valentine told the news station. That's when the chainsaw kicked back and hit him. Paramedics managed to stabilize him and disassemble the chainsaw in part before transporting him to nearby Allegheny General Hospital where the medical staff was preparing for the worst.

Image: KDKA scree capture Image: KDKA screen capture

Miraculously, the chainsaw's blades missed every opportunity to do damage to the tree-trimmer's body, striking no major arteries, just cutting into muscle. Doctors removed the saw blade and stitched up the wounds to Valentine's shoulder and neck. His wounds only required 30 stitches and doctors say his prognosis is for a full recovery.

Will the accident change Valentine's career choice? Apparently not. When asked what he plans to do after he recovers, he told KDKA's Lynne Hayes-Freeland, “I am a tree climber, that’s what I do.”

Watch KDKA's coverage of the the story here.



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