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The Particularly Nasty Piece of Hate Mail Someone Apparently Sent to an Anti-Obamacare Cancer Patient


"The 'tolerant' left."

Julie Boonstra is a single mother with leukemia. She came out in an anti-Obamacare ad in February saying the president’s signature health care law led to the cancellation of her health insurance.

Now, a little more than a month after speaking out in the heavily scrutinized ad, Boonstra has reportedly been targeted by supporters of the Affordable Care Act, receiving in the mail this week this “delightful care package,” according to Hot Air:

“I’m tired of seeing your dying ass on T.V. You should be ashamed of yourself! Hope cancer kills you soon! Signed a concerned and pissed off citizen of the USA,” the note reads.

The image of the note was first tweeted by Slade O’Brien, southern regional director with Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group that produced the video featuring Boonstra.

“This letter to cancer victim Julie Boonstra tells you everything you need to know about the ‘tolerant’ left,” O’Brien tweeted.

The alleged piece of hate mail wouldn’t be the first time that Boonstra’s Obamacare claim caused a supporter of the law to react negatively. Recall that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in February took to the floor of the Senate to claim that all Obamacare “horror stories” were “untrue.”

“Despite all that good news, there’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America,” Reid said. “We heard about the evils of Obamacare, about the lives it’s ruining in Republicans’ stump speeches and in ads paid for by oil magnates, the Koch brothers. But in those tales, turned out to be just that: tales, stories made up from whole cloth, lies distorted by the Republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements.”

“Mr. President, these two brothers are trying to buy America. They not only funnel money through their Americans for Prosperity, they funnel money into all kinds of organizations to do the same thing that they’re doing. They’re trying to buy America. I don’t believe America is for sale. We’ll see, Mr. President,” he added.

Reid’s “untrue” remark was met with significant resistance, eventually forcing the senator to deny ever having made the claim.

Here’s the original Boonstra ad:

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