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The Cool New Way to Read TheBlaze's Essential Faith and Culture News


There's a new and convenient way to consume the most fascinating and thought-provoking religion and culture news: Through TheBlaze Faith's new Flipboard magazine.

Flipboard, a tool that allows users to create a personal magazine by collecting and sharing news, released "TheBlaze on Faith" last week, a weekly resource that offers essential and inspirational faith and culture coverage.

Updated throughout the week, the resource includes stories from as well as significant and uplifting articles from other trustworthy news sources.

A screen shot from "TheBlaze on Faith," a new online magazine offering religion and culture news A screen shot from "TheBlaze on Faith," a new online magazine offering religion and culture news

From articles covering Hollywood's embrace of Biblical themes to articles about religious freedom, the diverse coverage in "TheBlaze on Faith" crosses into social, political and entertainment realms.

The most recent edition includes the claim from historians at Leon University in Spain claim that they have found the holy grail, the 2,000 year-old chalice that Jesus Christ drank from at the last supper. Additionally, it includes stories about Hollywood films "God's Not Dead," "Left Behind" and "Noah."

There's also an analysis piece by TheBlaze's Fred Lucas that focuses on why libertarians and people of faith are uniting over the birth control mandate -- and plenty more.

A screen shot from "TheBlaze on Faith" A screen shot from "TheBlaze on Faith"

The magazine is available online and through Flipboard's interactive app on the iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire or Nook.

The below video shows you how to use Flipboard:

Learn more about how to operate the app here and see the interview the tech company conducted with Glenn Beck about what continues to make him passionate about his work.

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