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Deputy Says She Snatched Two Cellphones and Detained Former Marine After He Got ‘Aggressive’ — But the Video Tells a Different Story


"I’m snatching everyone’s phone and I will take everyone in!"

(YouTube/Photography Is Not a Crime)

A North Carolina deputy with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office was caught on video confiscating two different cellphones and detaining a former U.S. Marine after she claims he got “aggressive.” Her claims are now being called into question after video of the incident surfaced online.

(YouTube/Photography Is Not a Crime) (YouTube/Photography Is Not a Crime)

The deputy, identified as Natalie Barber by Photography Is Not a Crime, was responding to a dog-related dispute between Carlos Jaramillo and a neighbor on Saturday.

Barber is seen on video asking Jaramillo for identification for the police report, an order he complies with by giving her his government-issued Veterans Affairs card. When she demanded he give her his driver’s license instead, he refused and claimed he wasn’t operating a motor vehicle.

“This is a government-issued ID,” Jaramillo calmly says in the video. “So why isn’t this good enough for you?”

“I don’t want that, I’m not taking it,” the officer replies.

“Even though it’s a government issued ID,” the man is heard repeating.

“Sir, we’re done,” Barber says.

“We’re not done,” Jaramillo responds.

It was at this point that the deputy lost her cool and shouted at the man to stop acting up.

“I’m done! I’m telling you I’m done! And if you continue to act up—“ she yelled, stopping mid-sentence.

Barber then ordered the man to put down his phone for her “safety” and when he refused, she snatched it out of his hand. She informed the man that she was going to pat him down for weapons and then she put him in handcuffs.

The deputy was clear that Jaramillo wasn’t under arrest, only detained for both of their safety.

When Jaramillo’s son started recording the officer detaining his dad with another phone, she confiscated that cellphone as well.

“I’m snatching everyone’s phone and I will take everyone in!” Barber screams.

Jaramillo’s son, who claims the officer hurt his hand, then got yet another phone to record the incident, but this time stayed inside their home’s screen door.

After Jaramillo was placed in the back of Barber’s squad car, another officer arrived on the scene and smoothed the situation over. The man was ultimately released and not charged with a crime.

Watch the video via Photography Is Not a Crime:

In her official police report, Barber claimed that she only confiscated the phones and detained Jaramillo after he got “angry” and was “being aggressive.”

Jaramillo reportedly complained to Barber's supervisors about the incident but was told the officer acted properly because she feared for her safety.

Read the full police report here.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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