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Crook Had Pliers, Clerk Had His Bare Hands -- Guess Who Ended Up on the Ground

Image source: Ann Arbor News

A Michigan man and his girlfriend smoked a bit of crack cocaine and tipped back a few alcoholic beverages before heading to a gas station where they intended to rob it for cigarettes. Instead, though, they encountered a gas station clerk who wasn't about to give them their nicotine fix without a fight.

While the clerk was near a cooler toward the back of the Ann Arbor, Michigan, gas station earlier this month, the suspects, -- identified by the Ann Arbor News as Frederick Coble and Christina Borcea -- began to pull several packs of cigarettes from the shelves behind the counter. They then pretended that they were going to pay for the smokes when the clerk came to the front.

Image source: Ann Arbor News Image source: Ann Arbor News

Instead of handing over the right amount of cash though, Coble holding a large plier lunged for the clerk. The clerk jumped into action, appearing to knock the 49-year-old man out cold on the tile floor for a few moments. The 48-year-old woman, after a brief attempt to rouse her boyfriend, grabbed a handful of cash from the open register and fled, dropping most of it as she ran.

Image source: Ann Arbor News Image source: Ann Arbor News

Image source: Ann Arbor News Image source: Ann Arbor News

During this time, the clerk had fled to call police, and Coble awoke alone and stumbled to his feet out of the store. The incident occurred on May 1 after midnight.

The Ann Arbor News obtained footage of the incident from police. Check it out:

After reviewing surveillance footage, the cops later identified Coble, who was on parole, and his girlfriend. They were arrested a few days later, confessed and are being held on $250,000 bail.

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