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Tech Expert Heaps Praise on Glenn Beck: 'Humble, Self-Effacing and Down-to-Earth

News CEO Jeffrey Tucker appeared on the Glenn Beck PRogram May 13 to discuss Bitcoin. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Jeffrey Tucker, the CEO of, appeared on the Glenn Beck Program Tuesday to discuss bitcoin, a new form of digital currency.

After the interview, Tucker wrote an article about his experience with Beck, praising him as "humble, self effacing and down-to-earth."

"I’m not a careful follower of his thinking in general but I detect that he has come to some realizations in the last couple of years," Tucker wrote. "He senses that we are on the verge of something big in history, something that will end in a terrible authoritarianism or in a new manner of freedom. If we are going to get that freedom, it will not likely come from top-down reform." CEO Jeffrey Tucker appeared on the Glenn Beck PRogram May 13 to discuss Bitcoin. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) CEO Jeffrey Tucker appeared on The Glenn Beck Program May 13 to discuss bitcoin. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Tucker described TheBlaze as "teeming with talented young people working in every aspect of production," and Beck's Dallas studios as "large, modern, eccentric" and "super-techy."

"I would like to add something about Glenn too," Tucker wrote. "I’ve known many people in his position who are not nearly as appealing in person as they are on camera. They are more like actors than real people."

"I did not get this impression from Beck at all. His humility is obvious off camera. He could not have been more humble, self effacing, and down-to-earth," Tucker continued. "Maybe this doesn’t strike you as odd, but it really is very unusual for a person in his position. He runs an amazing media empire at this point. And yet he has maintained his personal authenticity and intellectual curiosity. That is very much to his credit, and I say that with full awareness of many disagreements we might otherwise have on many issues."

"I just can’t help but admire someone like this," he concluded.

You can read Tucker's complete article at here.

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