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Cool Step-by-Step Guide Shows You How to Build an Awesome Pizza Oven in Your Own Backyard


"Works brilliantly."

It can cost upwards of $20 for some of those fancy -- and rather small -- wood-fired pizzas. If you are so obsessed with this version of a thin crust, crispy pie with a hint of smoky flavor, though, you might even be inclined to build your own pizza oven, for which kits and whole systems can cost between hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Or you could do what this couple did and build your own out of cinder blocks and concrete.

"We've made a TON of pizzas since, works brilliantly, best [three] tonnes I carried up a hill ever!" the pizza oven creator, who posted photos of each step of the process on Imgur, wrote. Note: a tonne is a metric unit for 2,240 pounds, while a ton in the United States is 2,000 pounds.

Image source: Imgur Image source: Imgur

Take a look at the whole process in this Imgur photo gallery:

It is unclear just how much it all cost.

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