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Four Seconds Is All It Takes to See Why This Pitch Froze the Batter: 'That's a Wicked Pitch


"Perfectly executed..."

This might go down as one of the nastiest pitches of all time.

Japanese pitcher Kazuhito Tadano froze a batter Sunday when he lobbed a slow pitch toward home plate that reached about 20 feet in the air before sinking down over the plate.

Yet, while it appeared to be a perfect strike, the umpire saw things differently, calling it a ball instead. Nonetheless, video of the pitch has enthralled the Internet.

[sharequote align="center"]"[T]hat's a wicked pitch!"[/sharequote]

"That was definitely a strike," one individual commented on YouTube. "Also, that's a wicked pitch!"

"Perfectly executed and should have been called a strike, nothing wrong with it," echoed another.

Watch the Unusual Pitch:

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