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This is not good': Pat Gray faced a rough surprise after agreeing to fill in for Glenn Beck at a sold-out show


Glenn Beck's radio co-host Pat Gray was in for a rough surprise after agreeing to fill in for Beck at a sold-out show roughly one month ago. Beck didn't specify which show it was, but posted behind-the-scenes video recorded just before the event to his YouTube page.

"I called Pat and asked if he could help on the second show if I needed it as I had been traveling and was running out of steam," Beck explained in the video's description. "Five minutes before the show we both realized, I don't write speeches. I jot thoughts."

Gray said he assumed he would be able to show up and read Beck's prepared remarks. When all he had was Glenn Beck's "scribble" saying things like "be free" and "story," he couldn't help but remark "holy crap" and "this is not good" through his laughter.

"This is not a good contingency plan, I don't know if you're aware of that," he told Beck.

Watch the complete video, below:

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