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'Dad, Stop It!': Passenger Gets Violent During Flight — Reportedly While His Terrified Children Beg Him to Stop


"Everyone's freaking out."

Image source: WABC-TV

A passenger began yelling at family members about 90 minutes into an early morning flight from New York City to Las Vegas on Saturday — but that just the beginning.

Image source: WABC-TV Image source: WABC-TV

A cellphone video recorded the incident, and the man reportedly stood up, banged on the seats of the JetBlue plane, and was told by a male flight attendant to calm down and take his seat. He did not comply — instead he took a swing at the flight attendants.

Image source: WABC-TV Image source: WABC-TV

Amid cries of "Dad, stop it!" presumably from his children, the man was quickly restrained by flight attendants, who placed him in plastic handcuffs and took him to that back of the plane.

Image source: WABC-TV Image source: WABC-TV

Flight 211 was diverted to Detroit, reported WABC-TV in New York, adding that passengers left the plane after it landed, waited for two hours until the man was escorted from the aircraft, and then resumed the flight to Las Vegas.

One passenger told WABC that the man "just woke up and out of nowhere started flipping out," adding that it seemed as though he was reacting to a nightmare or experienced a mental breakdown.

"Everyone's freaking out," another passenger told the station regarding the violent incident.

A Detroit airport spokesperson confirmed with WABC that the passenger was transported under police custody to a nearby hospital.

WABC added that reported incidents of unruly behavior aboard airplanes has increased 57 percent since last year and that airlines are considering charging unruly passengers as much as $200,000 for diverted flights.

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