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Hilarious video of the 'Owl Whisperer' setting animal intruder free with 'Swiffer Sweeper


"F*** yeah!"

Image source: YouTube

Just shooing a fly out of a window can be easier said than done, but getting an owl out of one's home? That's a different ballgame.

For the "Owl Whisperer," it took a "Swiffer Sweeper," a steady hand and a few soothing words to the intimidating bird, which looked ready to attack its rescuer at any moment throughout the whole operation. The end result is a hilarious, less-than-one-minute video that encapsulates how most of us would act when a piece of the wild gets into our home.

With the owl precariously perched on the Owl Whisperer's extraction device (a.k.a. the Swiffer), he slowly lowered it while gently speaking to the bird and begging it not to fly or give him the beady-eye look as it leaned its body forward into launch position, only making itself look even more volatile.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Ever so slowly, the Owl Whisperer pushes the Swiffer out the window and — once it's safely outside — he celebrates.

"F*** yeah!" the Owl Whisperer shouted, breaking the very tentative demeanor he held only moments earlier.

Watch the hilarious extraction (be warned of some very family-UNfriendly language):

While the Owl Whisperer might have seemed somewhat cool and collected removing the intruder from his home, for more than a half hour prior, it was all hysterics. Just watch a clip of his initial reaction (ditto on the family-UNfriendly language):

(H/T: Reddit)

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