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Caught on Video: Customer Absolutely Explodes in Violent Rage at McDonald’s, Forcing Employees to Fight Back


"I want him to get away with it bro."

Image source: screengrab via WorldStarHipHop

A new video posted by WorldStarHipHop.com shows a man at a McDonald's restaurant reacting violently, possibly because employees got his order wrong. Almost as disturbing are the reactions of the people who are filming the incident.

Image source: screengrab via WorldStarHipHop Image source: screengrab via WorldStarHipHop

It's unclear what exactly set him off (the video description claims the McDonald's employees got his order wrong), but whatever it was sent a man into a rage inside a McDonald's.

He towers next to the counter using various objects, including a "Wet Floor" sign, as weapons, goading employees to approach and striking at them when they do.

A few of the employees fight back, hurling things at him, but the man remains for over five minutes.

The people recording the altercation seem to revel in and support the violence.

"I don't give a f*** if I get hit as long as this go on WorldStar[HipHop]," says the woman recording the video, yelling, "B****!" repeatedly as the man assaults the McDonald's employees.

She and a man she's with encourage the rampage and offer advice.

"I told you to leave, beast!" she yells, constantly warning him that the police will be coming.

"I want him to get away," she adds. "I want him to get away with it bro."

(Content warning: graphic language and disturbing violence)

At the video's close, the man leaves the store and it appears that he has, indeed, gotten away with it.

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