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Glenn Beck Breaks Down Why the Fourth of July Felt Fundamentally Different This Year


"This is a very good sign."

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Glenn Beck spoke Friday about how, for the first time in his life, he was not profoundly affected by the firework display on Independence Day.

"For the very first time in my life, this Fourth of July I went to the [fireworks] and and I didn't get all weepy-eyed," Beck said on his radio program. "My love for what we are now has fallen so far, and I didn't realize it until July 4."

Beck said that many who work with him felt the same way, and added that "there is something fundamentally happening to us ... we disconnecting from the land that we love."

Beck said he wrote extensively throughout his vacation, and ended up coming to the conclusion that it is actually a positive development that stirring songs and images of flags don't move many the way they used to.

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"We're not looking for the songs," Beck said. "We can't get away with, 'just show us the flag.' We don't know what any of that stuff means anymore. That was some -- that was some marketing campaign. That was something to stir us up. It's a good sign that we're no longer stirred up by those images. It's a good sign that we're no longer stirred up by that music, because when you can be stirred up by music or art or a play or something like that, it's a very easy step to go from that to fascism."

Beck said if a populace is profoundly moved by "the trappings," like songs, banners, and symbols, "before you know it," you can find yourself living in a different country than you thought you did.

"This is America being called back to goodness," Beck said. "Not to the flag. This is a very good sign. The reason why you're feeling these things is because nothing is authentic. You don't know what the flag even stands for. Because you're questioning, 'are we good?'"

"Is America good?" Beck continued. "Because we used to think we knew it was great. It was great, because we were good. Now, we're not sure. And you know what? We're never going to find that answer in the past. We're only going to find that answer in ourselves, today, and tomorrow."

"What are you going to spend doing today to make America good?" Beck concluded. "That's the secret."

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