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Former MLB Star Darryl Strawberry's Turn to God Came When His Wife Said 'No More Sex


Darryl explained how Tracy actually kicked down doors in drug houses in Florida and physically pulled him out of crack dens.

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Darryl Strawberry had an illustrious baseball career. He played in the major leagues for seventeen seasons, winning four World Series titles and being named as an all-star eight times.

Not long after his career ended, Strawberry's life spun out of control. He was addicted to drugs, battled cancer twice and found himself in trouble with the law. Then, about ten years ago, Strawberry turned his life around with the help of God and his then-girlfriend, now wife, Tracy.

Today, Strawberry has nothing to do with Major League Baseball. The championship rings are gone and he doesn't associate with the game. Instead, he has a new calling -- one of faith. Darryl and Tracy, his wife of eight years, operate Strawberry Ministries.

Along with operating their ministry, the Strawberry's are currently promoting their new book, "The Imperfect Marriage (Help for those who think it's over)."

On Friday's edition of "Pat & Stu" on TheBlaze TV, guest host Mike Opelka interviewed ex-MLB all star, Darryl and Tracy Strawberry.

Image: TheBlaze TV Image: TheBlaze TV

During the revealing and candid interview Opelka asked Darryl Strawberry if there was specific moment, a "pivot point" in his life when everything "made sense and you could accelerate down the path you're on?"

The former all-star was quite clear on the exact moment. It was the day his then-girlfriend told him they were not having sex until they were living their lives right.

Strawberry explained it, "There was a defining moment in my life when me and Tracy came to St. Louis together, boyfriend and girlfriend, and we were shacking up and living together. She woke up one morning -- she had been studying the Word -- and she woke up and says, 'I'm not doing this any more. We're not having sex any more.'"

He continued, "I said what? And she said, 'we're not having sex any more. I'm done, I need to try and live my life right.'

"That was a defining moment in my life," Strawberry added, "and I left St. Louis for a while and went on my own journey for six months."

Strawberry went on to explain how spent the time away from Tracy, praying and visiting church "three to four times a week."

And then, one night, while praying on his knees, next to a bed in his sister's house, he said, "God told me, don't open the Bible...I've been waiting for you...and I just cried."

The couple also talked about some of the rougher times in their relationship. Darryl explained how Tracy actually kicked down doors in drug houses in Florida and physically pulled him out of crack dens.

Watch a clip from the show, courtesy of TheBlaze TV.

Watch the entire interview on-demand on TheBlaze TV.

You can listen to the entire radio show here. (The Strawberry interview portion starts at the 54 minute mark.)


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