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A Single Spark and the Whole Thing Will Explode': Video Captures a Gas Station Nightmare


"Maybe a trolley bus will pass and spark up."

It's a beautiful fireball — with potentially tragic implications.

In a video posted to YouTube Saturday, a Russian gas station can be seen leaking gas.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

Dozens of cars stream past the station, stopping in front for long stretches as a light delays them near the explosion waiting to happen.

At the 1:15 mark in the video, the inevitable tragedy strikes.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

The entire gas station is quickly engulfed in a massive explosion.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

It's unclear what caused the leak, and it's also unclear what exactly sparked the inevitable explosion.

Thankfully, the video shows that when the explosion finally happened, the street in front of the station appeared to be clear.

According to Reddit user thatguyinconverse, the couple filming the video commented on the powerful smell coming from the station.

"A single spark and the whole thing will explode," the woman apparently said at one point. "Maybe a trolley bus will pass and spark up."

According to the Reddit user's translation, the couple noted that a gas station attendant had gone up the road to stop traffic shortly before the explosion occurred.

It's unclear how many people were injured in the explosion.

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