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The Perverted Thing an Egyptian Cleric Says Men Can Do to Their Future Wives


"It is acceptable as long as your intentions are pure."

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An Egyptian cleric is facing international criticism after issuing a fatwa saying men can secretly watch their future wives while they shower.

“If you were really honest and wanted to marry that woman, and you were able to hide and watch her in secret -- see the things that she wouldn’t usually let you see before marrying her -- then it is acceptable as long as your intentions are pure,” Usama al-Qawsi said, according to Al Arabiya.

Al-Qawsi justified the decision by saying one of the prophet Muhammad's companions peeped on a woman while she was bathing.

"Some disapproved and told him: ‘How do you do that, when you’re one of the Prophet’s companions?’" Al-Qawsi continued. "The Prophet answered: ‘If you can see something that would make you want to marry her, then go ahead and do it.’”

Al Arabiya reported that the fatwa was "swiftly rejected" by the Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments, who said: "Where is the glory and masculinity in watching a woman shower?"

The minister added that such behavior is not acceptable in "civilized Muslim and Christian societies."


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