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Chilling Video Shows Young Child Pledging Allegiance to the Islamic State


"You know that by pledging allegiance ... you are agreeing to be killed for the sake of Allah?"

Image via MEMRI-TV

Video uncovered by the Middle East Media Research Institute appears to show a young boy pledging allegiance to the Islamic State.

The footage comes just two weeks after an Islamic State fighter tweeted a photo of his son holding a severed head in Syria.

In the new video, a boy stands with an older man, repeating lines after the man says them.

"I vow not to disobey orders unless I detect clear heresy, for which I have evidence conveyed by Allah," the boy says, according to the MEMRI translation. "Allah witnesses what we say."

Image via MEMRI-TV Image via MEMRI-TV

When the boy finishes, the man gives him a kiss on the head and says: "May Allah bless you."

The boy then turns toward the camera, beaming with pride.

"How does it feel to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State?" someone asks the child. "You know that by pledging allegiance to the emir of the believers you are agreeing to be killed for the sake of Allah?"

"Yes, Allah willing," the boy responds.

Watch the complete video via MEMRI, below:

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