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The KKK Is Apparently Recruiting in Unexpected Location


"We want your jobs—we want your homes—we want your country.”

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The Ku Klux Klan reportedly has a new target: the Hamptons.

Multiple news outlets are reporting that a North Carolina-based branch of the KKK has been scattering recruitment fliers around Hampton Bays, New York.

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The Southampton Press reported that the fliers depict caricatures of a Jewish man, a black man and a Hispanic man with the caption, “Beware!” and subtext reading, “We want your jobs—we want your homes—we want your country.”

While the New York Daily News noted that the town of 13,000 is one of "less-tony" parts of the Hamptons, it seemed to surprise many that an organization typically associated with the South would be so far north.

“It’s kind of embarrassing, in a way,” local resident E.J. Lopez told the Southampton Press on Friday. “I would never want to think of Hampton Bays having that kind of mentality.”

“They look like a desperate organization,” local Paul Zeiser told the Press. “They’re clearly looking for members to give them money.”

The particular branch of the KKK advertised on the fliers, the Loyal White Knights, is based in North Carolina but reportedly has chapters in New York, and the Knights' Grand Dragon, Robert Jones, told Newsday that he thinks immigration concerns could be fueling Klan membership in the Northeast.

"Everybody's fed up with immigration," Jones said. "That's why we have so many people from New York calling right now."

Hampton Bays is roughly 68 percent white and 29 percent Hispanic, according to Census data.

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